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Boomerang Effect-
a sustainable philosophy

There is a good reason why we chose a boomerang as our logotype. We believe that whatever you give you get back. That is why we created the Boomerang Effect, which means that you return your old Boomerang clothes to the store when you no longer want them, and in return we will give you a 10% discount on a new garment. This way you also play your part in allowing the clothes to be used again.

Some garments, which are given the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s Bra Miljöval (good environmental choice) label, are sold as Boomerang Vintage. Others are cut up and are used to make Boomerang Home products. Fabric offcuts from the factory are recycled in the Effect Collection – stylish everyday objects in classic Boomerang fabrics.

Because of our philosophy about the eternal cycle of nature, we are constantly developing new ways to recycle. So next time you are clearing out your wardrobe, take the Boomerang garments you no longer want to any of our stores. (The Boomerang Effect currently applies to Boomerang stores only and cannot be combined with other offers.)

Together we can recycle some of the earth’s resources – which we believe is a good philosophy.