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One krona more

En Krona Mer (One Krona More) is Boomerang’s long-term fund-raising programme to non-profit organisations; a project where we round up our prices to the nearest krona and donate the surplus to selected help organisations.

Each season we select an organisation that works to improve human lives, the environment or the world around us. In the autumn of 2011 and 2012 the money was donated to UNICEF and its charitable work on the horn of Africa.

As you probably already know, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and Djibouti are hard hit by drought, armed conflict and escalating food prices. Millions of women, children and men risk dying of malnutrition and disease. UNICEF is currently in place working to ensure that children and their families receive health care, vaccination, and access to clean water and food - a praiseworthy and necessary endeavour. Together we can help even more people.

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In 2013 we went in as partners to Briggen Tre Kronor and the initiative "Sustainable Seas" with a focus on action, interaction and dialogue to improve the environment in the Baltic Sea. This partnership will continue during 2014.

Today, the Baltic Sea is one of the most polluted seas and by contributing financially, we hope to be involved and change this. 
Tre Kronor drives the initiative and with its wide network of contacts in the region around the Baltic Sea and the ship, the overall visual image of "Sustainable Seas". 

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Städa Sverige (Keep Sweden Tidy)

Boomerang has always found inspiration in Scandinavia’s natural surroundings and the archipelago. It is therefore only natural that we support the Städa Sverige - an organisation whose aim is to keep Sweden’s coastline and roads free from litter. This is a goal which harmonises with our own values: quality, sustainability, renewability and consideration for the world around us.

Städa Sverige, which has been in existence since 1988 and is a partnership organisation for associations that wish to help clean up along the country’s roads, has educated thousands of young people into thinking along greener lines, which in the long term will help to reduce littering.

During the past year more than 100 sports associations with a total of 3,000 youngsters have joined together to clean up some 300 beaches. As a result of this initiative, around 55 tonnes of litter has been removed from these beaches.

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