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Code of Conduct

At Boomerang we live by one rule: treat others the way you wish to be treated. We believe in showing respect to all living things; people, animals and the world around us. We walk the extra mile to find and collaborate with producers, suppliers and partners who share the same ethical principles that we do. We are currently in the process of developing our corporate policy on the environment and animal rights. The paragraphs below will therefore be supplemented in the not-too-distant future.

We believe in freedom of choice for employees
No type of coercion, either physical or psychological, may be used on employees (ILO Conventions 29 and 105). Employees should not be forced to leave a deposit and/or identity documents to the employer.

We do not accept discrimination
All employees are treated equally irrespective of gender, skin, colour, religion, nationality or social background and have the same development possibilities (ILO Conventions 100 and 111)

We distance ourselves from child labour
We do not exploit child labour. Only people over the age of 15 and those that have completed the compulsory schooling are allowed to work (ILO Convention 138). Any replaced child workers will be remuerated financially or offered development and training opportunities.

We respect trade unions and the workers right to organise
We acknowledge all workers rights to organise, form trade unions and take part in collective bargainin (ILO Convention 87 and 98). Worker representatives will not be discriminated against and shall be given right access to all necessary parts of the company in order to perform their representative duties (ILO COnvention 135 and Recommendation 143). Employers should have a positive attitude towards trade union work and efforts to organise workers.

We believe in paying reasonable salaries
Salaries and benefits that are paid for a normal working week shall always meet statutory and industrial minimum levels and guarantee a reasonable, disposable income that at the very least covers the basic needs of workers and their families. Salary deductions as disciplinary measure are not acceptable. Deductions that are not stipulated by law and/or approved by the employer are not accepted. All workers shall be provided with comprehensible written information about their salary terms before thier term of employment and every time a salary is paid out.

We support humane working hours
The normal number of working hours should correspond to applicable laws and the general industry standards in each country. Employees should normally not be required to work more than 48 hours a week and have the right to at least one day off each seven-day period. Overtime should be voluntary and not exceed 12 hours a week.Overtime may not be systematically applied and must always be remunerated reasonably.

We are meticulous about our working conditions
A safe and hygienic work environment should always be provided.The best health and safety policy for the occupation in question should be put forward, taking into account prevailing circumstances and the risks in each industry. Physical punishment, threat of physical punishments or other types of harassment by the employer, extraordinary disciplinary measures, sexual or other harassments are strictly prohibited.

We believe that employers have a responsibility
Statutory occupational and social obligations towards employees and general undertakings that are included within the employer’s normal sphere of responsibility may not be sidestepped through use of staffing agencies, third parties and/or similar. Younger workers should have the possibility of further training and if available, offered a place on trainee programmes.