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Code of Conduct

Employment is freely chosen.

There shall be no use of forced, including bonded or prison, labour (ILO Conventions 29 and 105). Nor shall workers be required to lodge “deposits” or their identity papers with their employer.

There is no discrimination in employment.

Equality of opportunity and treatment regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, nationality, social origin or other distinguishing characteristic shall be provided (ILO conventions 100 and 111).

Child labour is not used.

There shall be no use of child labour. Only workers above the age of 15 years or above the compulsory school-leaving age shall be engaged (ILO Convention 138). Adequate transitional economic assistance and appropriate educational opportunities shall be provided to any replaced child workers.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected.

The right of all workers to form and join trade unions and to bargain collectively shall be recognised (ILO Conventions 87 and 98). Workers’ representatives shall not be the subject of discrimination and shall have access to all workplaces necessary to enable them to carry out their representation functions (ILO Convention 135 and Recommendation 143). Employers shall adopt a positive approach towards the activities of trade unions and an open attitude towards their organisational activities.

Living wages.

We strive to pay living wages. Wages and benefits paid for a standard working week shall meet at least legal or industry minimum standards and always be sufficient to meet basic needs of workers and their families and to provide some discretionary income. Deductions from wages for disciplinary measures shall not be permitted nor shall any deductions from wages not provided for by national law be permitted. All employees shall be adequately and clearly informed about the conditions in respect of wages including wage rates and pay period.

Hours of work are not excessive.

Hours of work shall comply with applicable laws and industry standards. In any event, workers shall not on a regular basis be required to work in excess of 48 hours per week and shall be provided with at least one day off for every 7 day period. Overtime shall be voluntary, shall not exceed 12 hours per week, shall not be demanded on a regular basis and shall always be compensated at a premium rate.

Working conditions are decent.

A safe and hygienic working environment shall be provided, and best occupational health and safety practice shall be promoted, bearing in mind the prevailing know- ledge of the industry and of any specific hazards. Physical abuse, threats of physical abuse, unusual punishments or discipline, sexual and other harassment, and intimidation by the employer is strictly prohibited.

The employment relationship is established.

Obligations to employees under labour or social security laws and regulations arising from the regular employment relationship shall not be avoided through the use of labour-only contracting arrangements, or through apprenticeship schemes where there is no real intent to impart skills or provide regular employment. Younger workers shall be given the opportunity to participate in education and training programmes.

Environmental Policy


”Boomerang creates durable, timeless products inspired by the Scandinavian archipelago for people all over the world who share our approach to longterm relationships.”
Through our business concept, we link up with our environmental policy and draw support from our stated values. This translates into our own Boomerang Effect, which is centred on taking responsibility for ensuring that our products have the longest possible life cycle, thus reducing impact on our environment and paving the way for more sustainable consumer behaviour.


Every link in the process, from the initial choice of materials and design, via production, transport and distribution, to final delivery to our consumers, is always to feature durability as a fixed parameter so as to allow the Boomerang Effect to apply to all areas of the product’s life cycle.


Our shared responsibility – at Boomerang, at our partners and with the assistance of our users – ensures that the entire lifeline of the product is handled with care and consideration for people and the environment.


We constantly and persistently strive for continuous improvement of our products in harmony with our environment, through an ambition to develop our brand by applying creative ideas and a conscious search for new and updated information and innovation.


To take responsibility for our shared water resources and our air, so that future users can also share in and experience the same fantastic freedom of sailing out and becoming a part of our vision: “to share the story of the Scandinavian blue around the world ”.

The Boomerang Effect – is our guarantee and our way of working; it is also a measure of our environmental work and a natural part of our brand.

Core principles

Legal compliance

We comply with national legislation and rules in all countries where we are operating.


The Boomerang environmental policy is a steering document for Boomerang. Subsidiaries, affiliated companies such as franchise companies adopt this policy. It is a requirement for all employees, the 1st, 2nd tiers suppliers, business partners etc. to adopt this policy.

Management Systems Approach

Within a period of two years we strive to use management systems to ensure a Policy systematic approach to sustainability and accountability. We monitor performance against targets to ensure continuous improvement.

Monitoring and reporting

Boomerang strives to monitor compliance with this policy through internal management systems and through periodic audits of our suppliers within a period of two years. The person ultimately responsible for compliance with this Policy is the CEO of Boomerang.


New employees take part of our environmental policy as a part of their introduction. This policy is included in our Quality Manual and a part of the contracts with suppliers. It is translated into Swedish and English.

Dialogue and Industry Cooperation

We engage in dialogue with all stakeholders, including our business partners, authorities & NGOs.
We recognise that clear, effective and honest communication is important.
We share best practice and partner with others to actively promote environmental sustainability in our industry.

Reference document

The environmental principles of the United Nations Global Compact and The Rio declaration on Environment and Development.

Environmental aspects

Our care of the environment is based on the precautionary principle. This mean that if there are doubts whether a chemical is harmful to the environment, we strive to be on the side of caution and try to find a replacement that is more certain not to be harmful, according to best available scientific information.

We constantly seek to reduce our impact on the environment, increase our resource efficiency and get close to a zero-impact, closed loop production process.


Definition: Input materials for producing, packaging and selling our products.
Our vision: To use materials in a closed loop manner thereby minimizing waste and negative environmental impact.

We strive to increase the use of:
Durable materials
Biodegradable materials
Organic materials
Nontoxic materials
Recyclable materials
Recycled materials



Definition: All chemicals used along the entire value chain of Boomerang products.
Our vision: There shall be no harmful chemicals in our products.

We strive to continuously source safer alternative substances to those on the restricted substances list. The chemicals we use at our suppliers are clearly labelled, stored and handled in an appropriate way in order to protect people’s health and the environment.



Definition: The energy used in all our processes and operations.
Our vision: 100% renewable energy and substantially reduced consumption.

We continously reduce our energy consumption, increase our energy efficiency and increase the share of renewable energy.



Definition: Water consumption throughout all our processes and operations.
Our vision: Lowest possible water consumption.

We strive to reduce our water consumption and use recycled water whenever possible. We are monitoring our suppliers to reduce our impact.


Emissions and effluents

Definition: All emissions and effluents to water due to our processes and operations.
Our vision: Substantial reductions in emission to air and effluents to water due to our operations.

We aim to substantially reduce our CO2 and other emissions to air in order to continuously reduce our carbon footprint and other negative environmental impacts. We monitor and manage effluents to water in order to avoid accidents and eliminate hazardous discharges.



Definition: All waste due to our operations and processes.
Our vision: No harmful waste.

Durable, timeless styling, we encourage repair and reuse, recyclable materials to increase recycling, closed loop thinking, monitor and minimize hazardous waste, elimination of spills. The introduction of The Boomerang Effect as a business model proofs our continuous work with minimizing waste.



Definition: Biodiversity is the degree of variation of life forms within an ecosystem. Biodiversity is a measure of the health of ecosystems. Greater biodiversity implies greater health.
Our Vision: Contribute to the conservation and restoration of biodiversity.

A high degree of biodiversity is a prerequisite for a sound planet. We strive to eliminate all discharges that have negative impact on biodiversity.


Animal welfare

Definition: The physical and psychological wellbeing of animals.
Our vision: Ensure animal welfare and zero incidence of maltreatment.

We do not accept any maltreatment of animals used in the production of our products. Those responsible for animals in our supply chain must ensure that the animals are fed and treated with respect, not are harmed or exposed to pain during the life span, taking the lives of animals in the quickest, non-traumatic and least painful way.

We use duck down which is not taken from live plucked birds and we certify this through a third part.

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